Though I’ve cooked half of the dishes for next week’s Junior League cookbook from Portland, Oregon, a number of things have been distracting me from the kitchen lately.  There’s the good:  one last round of canning, late summer trips to the beach and evenings out with old friends visiting from out of town.  And then there’s the bad:  work, and the Los Angeles Dodgers’s insistence upon stinking up the room during the last week of the regular season.



Losing an 11-1 blowout against the Pittsburgh Pirates just makes a fan lose her appetite.

However, this pleasant little drink – half fruity cocktail, half beer slushy – from the Junior League of Rochester’s Applehood and Motherpie does help to ease the sting.


A favorite with everyone who’s tried it

1 6-ounce can frozen limeade concentrate
6 ounces light rum
1 12-ounce can beer
lemon or lime slices for garnish

1. Whirl all ingredients in blender.
2. Serve over crushed ice.
3. Garnish with slice of lemon or lime in each glass.

— Kay B. Edwards

Back to business next week with a look at Portland cooking then and now.  First, a meal from the Junior League of Portland’s Cooked to Taste, first published in 1954, followed up by a more contemporary meal with recipes from From Portland’s Palate (1992).