Below I’ve included each cookbook covered on Cooking With the Junior League, along with a link for purchasing the cookbooks.  When possible, I link to the appropriate League website so you can buy directly from them, but for out-of-print titles, the links will take you to

Charleston Receipts:  Charleston, South Carolina

Be Milwaukee’s Guest:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bay Tables:  Mobile, Alabama

Fresh from the Valley:  Yakima, Washington

Southern Accent:  Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Colorado Cache:  Denver, Colorado

Peacock Pie and Other Perfections:  Battle Creek, Michigan

Nashville Seasons:  Nashville, Tennessee

Honest to Goodness:  Springfield, Illinois

Seasoned With Sun:  El Paso, Texas

The Gasparilla Cookbook:  Tampa, Florida

More Than a Tea Party:  Boston, Massachusetts

True Grits:  Atlanta, Georgia

Winning Seasons:  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Recipe Jubilee:  Mobile, Alabama

The Junior League of Memphis Cook Book:  Memphis, Tennessee

I’ll Cook When Pigs Fly (and They Do in Cincinnati!):  Cincinnati, Ohio

California Fresh Harvest:  Oakland-East Bay, California

The Bess Collection:  Recipes and Remembrances:  Independence, Missouri

A Taste of Aloha:  Honolulu, Hawaii

Glitter to Gourmet:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Pomegranates and Prickly Pears:  Phoenix, Arizona

Talk About Good II:  Lafayette, Louisiana

A Cook’s Tour of Shreveport:  Shreveport, Louisiana

Jambalaya:  New Orleans, Louisiana

Marshes to Mansions:  Lake Charles, Louisiana

Applehood and Motherpie:  Rochester, New York

From Portland’s Palate:  Portland, Oregon

Cooked to Taste:  Portland, Oregon

Meet Us in the Kitchen:  St. Louis, Missouri

New York Entertains:  New York City, NY

Pasadena Prefers:  Pasadena, CA

Always Superb:  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

Windows:  A Tasteful Reflection of Historic Rhode Island:  Rhode Island

Discover Dayton:  Dayton, Ohio

Soupcon:  Chicago, Illinois

Southern Elegance:  Gaston County, North Carolina


4 Responses to “The Cookbooks”

  1. Don’t overlook Talk About Good from Lafayette, LA–it may be the best selling JL cookbook of all time but maybe I am biased-especially for my mum’s marinated mushrooms!

  2. Anita Duenas Says:

    I think you’d love our Fort Myers cookbook…Mrs Thomas Edison’s Deviled Crab is a favorite recipe from the JL-Fort Myers book, “Tropical Settings.”

  3. Emily Howard Says:

    I love following your blog, I hope to start my collection of JL cookbooks as I am just starting my provisional year! The Tallahassee Junior League is pre-selling a new cookbook this summer/fall. It is called Thyme to Celebrate. Anyone interested in a cookbook swap? Let me know!

  4. Kera Says:


    I am a huge fan of the Junior League Cookbooks. Right now I am making a Facebook group dedicated to all Junior League cookbooks. It has been a daunting task (one I am still in the middle of) and there are well near 300 books at least! I have found many scarce books as well, and some so scarce I cannot find a photo anywhere. If you are on facebook, check it out! Just search “Junior League Cookbooks” in the search (there are hardly any results) my group is the one with the stylish photo of the “Charleston Receipts” on it. Hopefully all of these books may give you an idea of which ones you may want to try in the future!

    Also… All of your recipes look absolutely delicious! If I could make a suggestion… “Cotton Country Cooking” From the Junior League of Morgan County (Decatur, AL) 1972. The Shrimp Gruyere recipe is to die for!!!

    Oh… And I have definitely bookmarked this wonderful blog! 🙂

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